Why Alosta?

The name Alosta has been around this region for over 125 years.   In the late 1800's, while most of the local towns in the area were dry, high-moral standard towns, Alosta was anything but.  Alosta was a mostly lawless town, with saloons, brothels, wood-planked sidewalks and shootouts at noon.  Everything stereotypical about the Wild West was evident in Alosta.

It was evident to us that Alosta would be the perfect name for a brewery of all things.  Aside from the brewery name deriving its name from historical reference, most of our beer names have some historical link as well.


George Gard

George Gard, together with two of his partners, settled in the Azusa Valley in 1887 and formed the Alosta Land and Water Co. (hence the water tower in our logo).  Gard was known as a heavy drinker, and a proponent of a cadre of vices.

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The name Alosta

Most of the property in the region was owned by a man named Henry Harrison Fuller, whose friend was Postmaster General and approved a post office for the area.  In turn, Fuller named the area after his daughter, Anna Losta Fuller.