spadra ipa

6.8% Spadra IPA is Hoppy, Tropical, and Dank. Expect big fruity tropical flavors, with hints of mango, papaya, and orange in the nose. Cleanly bitter with just enough malt sweetness to balance it all out.

In keeping with historic referencing, we named our India Pale Ale "Spadra" after the old stagecoach town, nestled in the current city of Pomona, CA.  Spadra essentially began to function as an expanded rest stop to anyone who traveled the stagecoach between Los Angeles and Yuma, Arizona. It was a small but busy outpost of civilization in a large empty land. Stage horses were changed there, travelers spent the night and the tavern became the center of life.

The town of Spadra began to decline due to most of its population moving to Pomona.  A new, more advanced city to the south, which boasted modern amenities and greater opportunity.  

Today, the one thing still standing with the Spadra name is the original cemetery where original Spadra citizens were buried long ago.   Long closed to the public, the cemetery remains a popular tourist attraction to those who believe it is haunted.  Each Halloween, the Pomona historical society leads late night cemetery tours by flashlight.