Swindler brown.png

Brown Porter

4.5% ABV. A medium to light bodied dark beer that features a light coffee presence in the aroma, and slight pipe tobacco in the flavor. Notes of chocolate and dark bread crust in the aroma.

The founder of the town of Alosta, a man named George Gard, was seen as "a money-grubbing "Swindler" who took advantage of a volatile real estate market in the late 1880s, only to line his pockets with cash to make his escape.   But was Gard the wicked element that doomed Alosta…or just a man with a different set of principles who allowed the events that transpired in Alosta to unfold without his help or hindrance?

"The largest myth surrounding Gard—and the biggest misconception cited as to why Alosta failed as a town—was that Gard quickly left town when the land boom came to an abrupt halt at the end of 1888. That is absolutely not true. Gard never permanently moved away from Alosta"   - excerpt from Stories of Old Glendora by Ryan Lee Price

Our Swindler Brown Porter is in honor of George Gard.  A man with a vision who took a chance, and saw it through, no matter how unpopular the idea was to those in surrounding areas.